Research & Development

The Climatic Chamber

The centrepiece of this test facility is its climatic chamber with a 4WD capable chassis dynomometer.

This chamber is able to generate a broad range of environmental conditions equivalent to middle eastern, tropical and cold climates; including a sunlight replication system that is able to achieve vehicle heat loading that is almost identical to true solar spectrum.

  • Temperature : -20°C ~ 50°C
  • Humidity : 30% RH ~ 80% RH
  • Sunload : 0 ~ 1200 w/m² (Full Spectrum, Metal Halide System)
  • Windspeed : 0 ~ 110 km/hr
  • Road Load : 4WD Chassis Dynamometer

The facility can be used for a broad range of vehicle level tests:

  • A/C performance - (Cool down)
  • Heater Performance - (Warm up)
  • De-misting and De-Iceing
  • Climate Control Testing
  • Radiator Performance
  • Transmission Cooling and Heat Management Tests

Facility control and data acquisition is centralised to the one desk for efficient testing.

The Noise and Vibration Chamber

This chamber provides a low noise, temperature controlled environment for component and vehicle level testing.

An Infrared array is used to provide heat load to the vehicle for noise testing. Precision noise and vibration measuring and processing equipment gives the highest quality results with the ability to analyse data in great depth.

  • Temperature : +5°C ~ 50°C
  • Sunload : 0 ~ 580 w/m² (Infrared System)
  • Noise Level : 35 dB(A) Max
  • Precision Noise and Vibration Measuring equipment
  • Brüel & KjærPulse System
  • Impulse Hammer
  • Fast Fourier Transform Analyser
  • Order Tracking