Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How do I find a DENSO part number?

DENSO 10 digit part numbers XXXXXX.XXXX are usually engraved or printed onto the label of our parts, alternatively you can search by application make/model using our parts search function.

Q.I've Just bought a DENSO compressor and will be replacing the condenser and receiver drier as well. Do I need to add oil to these new components?

The DENSO compressor will come with the correct amount of oil for the system, but be sure to always follow the car makers fitment and repair procedures.

Q.I am fitting a new DENSO compressor, but the old compressor was leaking some oil. How much oil should I add to the system?

The only way to be sure on the correct oil quantity is to empty the system of oil and fill it with the correct amount. Unfortunately, there is no other reliable method.