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Our Guarantee

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Our Guarantee

Our experience as an original equipment supplier to the worlds major car manufacturers gives our aftermarket product range a significant advantage;

  • All of our products are designed with precision - the type of precision only an original equipment supplier can achieve.
  • All of our products are subjected to rigorous safety and performance testing - because failure is not an option.
  • All of our products are at the forefront of technology - as we prepare for the next generation of auto-mobility.

This commitment to manufacturing excellence has provided DENSO with a reputation for reliable, quality components which in turn provides tremendous long term value for our trade and end-user customers.

DENSO - Think beyond today.

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A Tradition of Innovation

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A Tradition of Innovation

DENSO's commitment to the Australian automotive industry is most evident in our dedication to local research and development.

Our state-of-the-art test facility, based in Victoria; is an advanced complex which allows our customers to perform extensive product evaluation and prototype vehicle testing in one secure location.

The facility includes chambers for high/low temperature testing, sunlight replication and a wide range of system diagnostics.

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