Diagnostic Scan Tools

Today’s vehicle engine and electronic systems are constantly evolving, as emission management becomes more integrated with other electronic devices it has never been more essential to offer advanced on-board diagnostics, correct service and effective repair.

DENSO approach to diagnostics is unique and differs considerably from that of other diagnostic scan tool manufacturers. Our main priority is to provide full depth technical knowledge and support for the DENSO systems throughout car life cycle. DENSO Diagnostics Services are offered to OEM car dealers, independent workshops and to the aftermarket through an established network made up of selected Diagnostic Specialists.

The DENSO Diagnostic System Tester can communicate with multiple ECU's (Electronic Control Units) through serial as well as via the latest CAN-bus protocols. It is supplied with a library of interactive digital workshop manuals, making it capable to cover continuously more applications. DENSO’s diagnostics software provides comprehensive diagnostic functions combined with automatically retrieving vehicle information and directing to advanced system knowledge.


Introducing the essential diesel service tool for independent garages. The DENSO-C Diagnostic Tool is the first and ONLY tool on the market that is specifically designed for independent garages to use with DENSO’s advanced diesel vehicle parts and systems, you will never have to miss out on that business again.

DST-PC Diagnostic Tool

Comprising of a DENSO developed computer interface and specialised associated software that is compatible with most PCs and laptops, this complete and easy to use package provides everything you need for advanced troubleshooting on DENSO diesel common rail applications (pumps and injectors).