Product Technology

DENSO seeks to create innovative products that win the approval of our clients, while meeting the needs of end users and our entire automotive society. In our quest for technological progress, we are striving to realize a world of mobility, free from environmental concerns and traffic hazards, where convenient vehicles supply ideal driving comfort. To achieve these advances, we promote technology development that focuses on the environment, safety, comfort, and convenience.

Production Technology

New products require new forms of production technology. To provide an increasingly diverse range of products to our customers, DENSO has created an increasingly wide range of innovative and highly flexible manufacturing systems. To optimise our manufacturing systems, DENSO is continually developing unique production equipment, computer networks that link order through to delivery and even our own robust high precision robots.

To increase efficiency, we are optimising the use of automation in our factories. At the same time, we are aiming to create ideal plants in which people and machines work together, to deliver high-quality products, on time and without fail, to customers all around the world.

Research & Development

In order to achieve these goals, nothing is more important than our people. Whether we are aiming to further develop existing technology or to move into totally new fields, it is our people who will do the research and create new and unique products. Listening to our customers and society, research requires people who have flexible imaginations and a deep curiosity about what comes next.

Vehicle Testing Facility

The DENSO Testing Facility is a state of the art complex which allows our customers to test advanced and prototype vechicles in one secure location.
The facility includes:

High/Low Climatic Chamber

Able to generate a broad range of real world conditions used for vehicle level tests including A/C & heater performance, de-misting, climate control, radiator performance, transmission and heat management.
Temperature: -20 o C ~ 50 o C
Humidity: 30%RH ~ 80%RH
Sunload : 0 ~ 1200w/m 2
Windspeed: 0 ~ 110km/hr
Road Load: 4WD Chassis Dynamometer

Noise Vibration Room

This controlled environment enables DENSO to provide high quality vehicle and component noise and vibration measurements and analysis.
Noise Level: 35db(A) Max
Temperature: 5 o C ~ 50 o C
Sunload: 0 ~ 580 w/m 2 (Infrared System)