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BHT BASIC is a powerful yet simple development environment where novice programmers can start developing within a few hours. DENSO International Australia has a range of sample source code that will enable developers to create complex interfaces or advanced programs in a small amount of time. DENSO BHT BASIC has been designed for compatibility as you upgrade to newer hardware providing the ability for programmers to simply upgrade their existing source code to enable ethernet, Bluetooth or RF communication.

Download the software:

BHT-BASIC_3.6_Compiler 1,020.50 kB


DENSO are pleased to offer BHT BASIC training through our distributor network free of charge. There are various training sessions available:

  1. Introduction to BHT BASIC
  2. BHT BASIC training
  3. BHT Networking

Please contact your distributor or place of purchase to register your interest in attending this training.
If you do not currently have a distributor, are unsure of who of who your distributor is, or are not aware of place of purchase, please contact us and include your address and the serial number of you DENSO BHT so we can forward your enquiry onto the most suitable distributor.

For more information, please contact DENSO .