Data Capture

DENSO’s data capture range is synonymous with both quality and performance. Its terminals and scanners have been developed to suit the needs of a diverse range of applications and environments; from retail, to manufacturing, logistics and mobile workforce.
Each product offers the very latest solutions in bar code and 2D-code scanning systems, durability, high speed reading and support.


Advanced scanning terminals with complete programming flexibility using Microsoft Development Tools. The BHT-Windows terminals provide users with powerful functionality and features (advanced 1D and 2D bar code scanning, extended battery life, ergonomic design, and robust design) ideal for the mobile workforce, logistics, warehousing and retail environments.

Introducing the BHT-1100, the next generation in the family of BHT-Windows terminals from DENSO.


DENSO's popular BHT-OS family of terminals provide extremely durable operation, long operation time, outstanding ergonomics, at an affordable price.
Ideally suited for retail, light logistics, and mobile applications, the BHT-OS terminals are extremely reliable, and easy to program.

The new BHT-900 extends the family of the BHT-OS terminals, that includes the BHT-300, BHT-600, BHT-800, and the popular BHT-8000.


DENSO's 1D and 2D barcode scanners offer outstanding read performance with a simple user friendly design, ideal for retail, logistics, industrial and warehouse environments.

Introducing the new AT20B, the next generation in extended range 1D barcode scanners with snappy performance and ergonomic design.

  • Powerful barcode scanning software
  • Ergonomically designed shape, which sits in the hand easily and light weight.
  • The AT20B can be used for extended periods with ease.
  • High durability with extended drop test performance of 6 drops from a height of 1.8meters.
  • Available in two finishes - POS (Black) and Healthcare (White)
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