Caravan Air-conditioning

Caravan Air-Conditioning

In the past, the majority of caravan air conditioners on sale in Australia were developed and manufactured overseas. While this is generally acceptable, it can mean your air-conditioner may not be ideally suited for tough Australian conditions.

Most were designed for installation when the van was being built, with little regard for fitment at a later stage. This is now not an issue, thanks to DENSO Australia. We have released a new range of caravan air-conditioners for use in both full size caravans, pop tops and motor-homes. Both systems can be fitted with ease after the van has been built.

This means you can now retro-fit your older van that may currently be without air-conditioning, or replace an old underperforming system with either of the DENSO Caravan Air-conditioning systems.

DENSO Caravan Air-conditioning offers:

  • Reverse cycle refrigerative cooling & heating
  • Unobtrusive slim-line design
  • Remote controlled
  • Multi-speed interior & exterior fans
  • Ultra-low fan speed for quiet operation
  • Easy installation for reduced cost
  • Australian designed and built using quality components providing extended trouble free operation and reducing ownership cost
  • Built-in safety protection
  • Certified to Australian Standard AS-NZS 60335

With over 50 years of automotive air-conditioning experience you can rely on DENSO quality.

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