Car Air Conditioning

More efficient, smaller and lighter air conditioners are pressing requirements of car manufacturers. DENSO works to be the first in the world to comply with these requirements. Since 1990, DENSO’s air conditioners have consistently held the top share in the global market.

DENSO Car Air-conditioning components include: CompressorsCondensersEvaporatorsIntegrated Cooling Modules (ICM)Receivers & Expansion ValvesBlower MotorsFans & Pressure Switches

DENSO Car Air-conditioning offers:

  • Over 50 years experience in designing, testing and manufacturing A/C components.
  • Over 12,000 parts available to suit vehicles from 1985 to current.
  • Protective coatings and sealants unique to DENSO.
  • Product designed and manufactured to OEM specifications.
  • Direct replacement parts for optimum cooling performance.
  • Longest lifespan on the market.

DENSO's proud history of climate control products:

1957 DENSO released a car A/C system with a cool only function
1965 An integrated heating function added to DENSO's car A/C. Semi A/C
1967 Car A/C system further integrated the heating function. Full A/C
1971 Full car A/C upgraded to include automatic controls for temperature and air flow rate
1972 DENSO car A/C units imported and sold in Australia
1980 DENSO's car A/C system further automated to include a microprocessor electronic system
1989 DENSO Group company Australian Automotive Air Pty Ltd established. A/C components manufactured on-site
1991 DENSO develops Alternative refrigerant car A/C systems
2002 DENSO develops the world's first Non-Fluorocarbon CO2 car A/C system
2003 DENSO launched the world' first small, light-weight electric compressor for hybrid electric vehicles